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It's been several months since Incarceration issued their promotional package and immediately Glorious Times wanted to do an interview to learn more about this young up and coming powerhouse. We decided to wait until the band got back from their first Euro-tour, then came delays and holidays and other things which means this is a little later than we anticipated. BUT better late than never - Incarceration is definitely worth it. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out!

GT - Coming originally from Brazil, what sort of stuff from that country were you listening to when you first gained an interest in the extremer forms of music? Do you like the hardcore punk style as much as the metal?

Daniel - The year was 1999, when I was introduced to the extreme forms of music. At that time Brutal Death Metal bands like Krisiun, Abhorrence, Rebaelliun, Ophiolatry were very popular on the Brazilian extreme metal scene. I was very much into them, together with old Nile, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and others. Only after doses and doses of Brutal Death Metal that I slowly began to discover the gems of Old School Death Metal, specially on 2007. I like very much hardcore punk but metal is my life.

Daniel at the Berlin Death Fest 2013 (Photo - by Laura Vanselow -

GT - Obviously you were inspired enough to begin your own band, but it was a one-man band, so to speak, is that correct? Most of those aren't too good since they rely on computers and there's a lack of personality perhaps? (Plus I guess, us oldies seem to always think 'Bathory' when single man bands are concerned)... Do you agree or disagree?

Daniel - Yes, Incarceration began as an one man band. On that time I had another brutal death metal band but anyway was feeling the need to write old school DM songs. At the same time I wanted to write it alone. That’s how the song ‘Sacrifice’ was born. About one man bands I think that actually most of them are not too much serious. But if you’re talented enough and really need to express yourself, I think that is perfectly possible to have a respected one man band.

The Brazilian live Incarceration line-up (Nestor (drums), Daniel (vocals/guitar) and Vitao (bass))

GT - I can relate totally to moving countries for music since I did it myself in 1990 - you're from Amazon Brazil, you got to tell us a bit about life there! You just don't expect extreme music there, how is it that you came to do what you do in that place?

Daniel - You’ll not believe but there in Amazon Brazil I had a Brutal Death Metal band since I was 14, and we played tons of gigs, did tours etc. We even played for 2,000 Death Metalheads at our town some time. Metal is definitely everywhere and there we had even a scene with other bands. Not that much Death Metal bands, but a lot of thrash, heavy etc. More than 100 active bands at least, so every weekend we could have metal sessions, rehearsals, gigs, and cold beers since in Manaus/Amazon you usually have between 30°C - 45°C the whole year. Manaus is located in Amazon but is a 2 million people highly industrialized city. And there are tons of maniacs over there and also bands. If you’re curious to check my brutal death metal band, here we go:

The Sacrifice release, on vinyl!

GT - How long before you decided to get other members for Incarceration? Can you tell us a little about them, their music backgrounds, how you met them, that sort of thing?

Daniel - I had bands my whole life since I’ve learned how to play guitar (at 13). So after I moved to Germany I felt an immense hole in my life. I was thinking how awesome would be to find members for Incarceration, than I began to ask everybody for a bassist and drummer into Old School Death Metal. After sometime I knew Björn, and later Micha. Björn is a big fan of Swedish Old School Death Metal, and also of Doom and Funeral Doom. Micha is more into Black Metal, Stoner/Sludge things but of course very into Old School Death Metal and also into Hanneman riffs. We rehearsed together and was incredible, the first rehearsal was already insane with us 3 playing and banging our heads as hell. On that day was already very clear that we could have a lot of fun and insanity doing music together.

Bjorn, Daniel and Michael (Photo - courtesy Daniel Duracell)

GT - What was the exact reasons for you to decide to move to Germany?

Daniel - My girl is German. We knew each other in 2008 on internet, while she was living in Germany and I was living in Brazil. Our relationship grew fast even being so far away, and in 2009 she moved to Brazil to live with me. Our first meeting was at the airport of Manaus (the most surreal day of my life) and we live together since that day. We lived there in Brazil for 2 years and a half, than we decided together to move Germany. We got married last year and now we live together here. Great story uh?

GT - Your promotional package is really impressive stuff, as is the case, a lot of the more modern metal styled bands don't impress us that much - but you came to us out of nowhere with this kick in the teeth. It's almost like you KNEW we'd love these recordings Daniel!

Daniel - Thanks for your kind words! Death Metal fucking rules \m/

GT - There's a definite "DNA stamp" on the Incarceration music, again it's not strictly "retro" like so many other younger acts because there's still individual personality shining through the savage excellently executed songs. Are people picking up on this fact, that you're not just another of the swarm of cookie cutter bands which pretty much make up the bulk of their modern day "scene"?

Daniel - The feedback is being quite good from far and we are very satisfied and inspired. We were also invited to play at Party San Open Air 2014 together with bands like Obituary, God Macabre, Napalm Death etc. So we are putting a lot of energy to do honest music, but I can say that we are feeling recognized for that.

Berlin Death Fest 2013 - (Photo - By Laura Vanselow -

GT - Of the 3 songs in the promo package, can you give the readers a quick run down of the songs in your own words, from the oldest track to the newest track?

Daniel - We are talking about Old School Fucking Death Metal here, as killer as possible.

Sacrifice Was the first song I’ve wrote to Incarceration, in 2010. you have a lot of Swedish Death Metal influences such as Nihilist, Kaamos, Interment, together with some US influences like Malevolent Creation and Slayer (always). The lyrics is about the allday hell, about the question “what I’m doing with my life?”, or “am I sure that I’m spending my life for that?”. We will not live forever, so it’s important to have clear for what you’re sacrificing your blood.

Forsaken and ForgottenWas written this year. It’s a very genuine song in my opinion. Was written very spontaneously after overdoses of Sadistic Intent and other Old School DM, Thrash and also Crust bands. The lyrics are sad, are about an old man which was an asshole his whole life, waiting for his death alone, in an asylum, after being abandoned by his friends and family. It’s about guilty, selfishness, and as always about death.

Cemetery of LiesThe last song I wrote for the EP. Highly influenced by Repulsion, Nihilist, and also some crust bands. It’s about the Christian hypocrisy, pedophilia, rape and murder of a priest.

Michael Koch, Antwerp, Belgium 2013 (Photo - Nestor Carrera)

GT - Do you guys have many songs in your repertoire? For those of us unable to see you guys live, what would an Incarceration set consist of?

Daniel - We take a lot of time to write our songs because just use something like 5% (or less) of the riffs I write. So till now we have like 6 songs finished and a big cemetary of riffs (or purgatory of riffs if you prefer). Our set right now is very short and consist of
only 20-25 mins of songs. Some songs still have temporary names. They are:

Enslaved by Pestilent Chaos, Sacrifice, Infernal Suffering, Chaos and Blasphemy, Cemetery of Lies, Forsaken and Forgotten.

Attention traders: anyone get good soundboard audio from any of these Incarceration gigs?

The lads head out on the first ever tour of Europe. (Photo courtesy Daniel Duracell)

GT - The band recently just returned from tour, your first in fact. How was the experience for you?

Daniel - Was 19 gigs in 23 days, so it was fucking tiring but at the same time it was amazing. There’s nothing to complain. We did a lot of new friends, and was a pleasure to tour with Escarnium (if you’re into Grave, Immolation and Vomitory check them out and they will blow your mind). A very special thing was that for the first time me, Björn and Micha were together on the road. So it was an amazing experience for us and specially for our friendship.

Berlin Death Fest 2013 (Photo by Laura Vanselow -

GT - Can you relay a few stories/tales from the tour? Something special to you, either good or bad, or both....

Daniel - A special thing for me was that my Birthday was exactly on the middle of the tour, and fortunately it was a weekend with a gig in Hamburg (where Incarceration is based now). So after 2 weeks touring around Europe was incredible to play to our friends and girls in Hamburg. When I moved to Germany I don’t thought that this kind of moment would happen so fast.

Berlin Death Fest 2013 - (Photo by Laura Vanselow -

GT - You made a video for the song "Forsaken and Forgotten" which truly showcases the band's talent and intensity - but without the ego - can you share with us how that process was for you?

Daniel - Was at our rehearsal room, where we play and drink every weekend. We played the song around 15 times being filmed on different perspectives, and banging our heads all the time. It was very hot that day and since I like very much to play with my leather jacket it was even hotter, but was very cool.



GT - What's the plan for the band next?

Daniel - Keep writing songs for the debut album and hopefully record it already on the first semester next year. We have also some good gigs planned for the upcoming year, so let’s see how the future will be. 







Special thanks to Laura Vanselow for the permission to use some of her killer photos, once again, here's Laura's blog where you can check out more of her work!