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There are advantages to some of the social network sites, sure, just not all those silly 'apps' which waste your time deleting for the first 5 minutes of logging into your account. One of the GT editors is NOT a fan of facebook, but has been transformed into a sort of social networking whore - having to update and add to things to keep people informed (and yeah, DON'T let him hornswaggle you with tales of 'he dosn't like it' because he ran with it too).


Screenshot of the official GT Myspace

Let's face it - most bands have official myspace and facebook pages, which DO work - look at GT - we sold out in 19 days of announcing pre-order availability on myspace (with basically no other advertising at all). Most armchair scenesters have blatantly said we blow because we didn't embark on a massive glossy public relations assault, issuing glossy postcards, directing fancy avi advertising for upload to youtube etc - and well, you know, that all takes a shit load of cash doesn't it?


Screenshot of the official GT Facebook

GLORIOUS TIMES is DIY - and not DIY today which usually means 'make it look like crap and label it old school'. Hell, none of us even used the label 'old school' until people started telling us we ARE old school.

Facebook and Myspace have been invaluable tools to reach people fast, to take true pre-order fast, and gather funds as fast as we could to get enough cash to go to print.

To reward those folks beyond just 'here's your book' - we have been attempting to keep the freebies coming, and further illustrate that GT is (as one insightful young man, Jason Kiss, from Advent Abortus put it) -  "a living document".

Exclusive to our Facebook and/or Myspace followers, downloads of alternate materials - new band layouts in pdf format, and in some cases music samples (as with Vile Vindicition) or full recordings such as Lori Bravo Raped 'When The Sun Dies' EP, or Paineater's 2009 demo, or the first 2 out of print Where's The Pope? original vinyl rips (from 1987 and 1989). All of which are endorsed by the artists involved, sort of separating our blog from the blogs that are more strictly based along the music download.

Myspace profile avatar

Joey Capizzi (then in Staten Island NY's EVISCERATE) losing it to AUTOPSY at Day Of Death, Buffalo NY October 20 1990. Standing next to Joey is Craig Pillard (Incantation). As you can now see, is the image used for the Myspace Avatar. The avatar was consistently misrepresented as the book's cover, even after the cover image was released. Photos: Alan Moses

It's a simple way to say thanks, and keep the concept, helping the artists still active and introducing some people to new music, as has indeed been the case. A wonderful side effect we never really expected. Really though, as this book was originally only to be produced in 2 copies for the private use of the editors - everything that's been born from the experience is an 'added extra'.

The Glory of Lori. Photo courtesy Lori Bravo

So the offer is here - visitors to this blog are seeing some amazingly rare photos, photos which are NOT being posted at the social network pages, and if you end up seeing them elsewhere then they've been lifted. Likewise - offers of downloadable stuff are made to the select group that join the sites to follow us - wanna join us?

It's simple (just like the book's concept and design) - you know that - c'mon and join us and get a chance to see different stuff GT related.

It's worth the time and couple of minutes hassle to sign up, even if you don't like these sorts of sites, you don't need to go public or do shit but join and request us to check things out, the offer is there and there ain't no strings.

You can also join our mailing list by simply sending an email to and typing UPDATES in the subject field. Although GT is done and sold out, this gets you onto our mailing list - and whatever the future might bring (reprint, foreign language translation, 2nd volume or cd's and other things) our INSIDERS on this mailing list will be the first to know about it, above any blog/myspace/facebook posting which will come after the INSIDERS have been informed.


I wanted to remind folks that I still have copies for sale of ,'For Our Dead','All Creatures Great and Eaten','The Planet Cachexial' (with full-size story book) and 'Harmony Drinks of Me'!!!! They are always $6 each!

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Sam Biles is another name very well known in 'the scene' - infact his name has been sewn together, but never torn apart from it. Yup, another horrible pun, infact some folks often think Sam's name is a stage name, but that's not the case.

Dressed To Kill: HIDEOUS MANGLEUS, the family 'blemish' which is seen here attending Sam's brother's wedding May 27 2000. Photo courtesy Sam Biles.

What's also the case is that Sam's been involved with some VERY unorthodox sounding bands during his tenure with extreme music. And he's contributed to our limited DIY book in a superb way to bring us some favourite stories of the old days whilst in HIDEOUS MANGLEUS.

Original HM demo courtesy DAMAGING NOISE BLOGSPOT

Below: Original demo tape cover scan (by Brian Pattison)

The band that kills together, showers together? Photo courtesy Sam Biles.

We had Sam and Hideous in mind because of their stance within the music fraternity as being 'extreme' - a band that's fans are bands for the most part - if that makes sence. The music is unlike anything really that was being done back during the embryonic years.

The INFAMOUS graveyard poster 1989 courtesy Sam Biles

Championing this band for all intent and purpose, single handedly, Sam witnessed HM folding inwards, and the vast majority of extreme music fans did not get to hear the material unless firmly entrenched in the trading underworld (yes, BEFORE the advent of the PC and Soulseek), or had access to record stores that were willing to do consignment or work with small DIY distributors.

'All Your Friends Are Dead' CD issue front, courtesy Ecocentric Records

We have ECOCENTRIC RECORDS to thank for investing money into the 'All Your Friends Are Dead' CD which can be ordered right from this link:


'All Your Friends Are Dead' CD issue back, courtesy Ecocentric records
A rerelease is possibly on the horizon - so watch this blog and those listed at the end here for news updates on the when and where.

For the underground, a well known and reverred release!
photo: Brian Pattison

Thrash Records paving the way!
photo: Brian Pattison

Back cover photo Brian Pattison

Insert lyric sheet photo Brian Pattison
(all photos with respect to Thrash Records)

Those of you lucky enough to have seen the HM tribute band MUTATED (featuring Sam) saw what was the closest thing anyone will probably EVER witness to an actual HM renunion as you could get, all things considered.


Hideous Mangleus (orig, line up) did practice in 2000 and 2001 a couple times, and some songs were written (maybe 3/4), if and when I do the "new" Hideous Mangleus album (most likely with other people unless something magical happens),these tracks, as well as tracks going bacl to pre-Hideous '87 will be included.

Hideous was active from like '87-'88 (pre-Hideous - D.B.K. and Idiocy)

Then formed in '89 ...was VERY active from inception till about '92

Maybe did some stuff in '93... but kind of went into coma till '95 when got back together to do the Ecocentric "...Friends..." CD

Played maybe a show or two in '96

But basically disbanded in '96/'97

Then got together in 2000 and 2001 a couple times

Then we were going to get back together in '04; but they decided instead to form Morgue Mart... So I told them I would carry on the Hideous name since they had abandoned it.

In '04, I did audition 2 guys for Hideous, but this process broke down within a month. Only a few demo ideas were recorded of songs written by me. We never played live, or recorded anything in the studio.

Which reminds me, one of the things that pisses me of is that if you go to these various "Metal Archive" sites, you would think there were twenty people in Hideous Mangleus when realistically there have only been 6.

Those 6 are, the two kinda "embryo Hideous" guys Brad Lancaster and Tommy Jenkins. - But, Brad was only in band for a few weeks and left due to other concerns. And Tommy left after a few months because he wanted to play like "punky" kinda stuff. ...So we "traded" him with local band "Flagrant Violation" for Joel's brother Curt.

The other four, and realistically, the only members that count for anything substantial with Hideous are me, Feev, Joel and Curt.

The Unearthing Poster courtesy of Sam Biles

Now again, on these Metal archive sites, you will read of people like Jim Sadist from Nunslaughter, and Eric Watson of Bathym being in Hideous... And while it is true that both these fine gentlemen have offered their services to me for recording the new Hideous stuff, we never got together on this... So it was more of a mutual idea than a reality.

Now, in the future, I'd be proud to work with people like Jim from NunSlaughter, and Eric from Bathym; but at this point there is nothing planned for us to work together.

If I record the new Hideous without the old members; it is only done out of necessity, there is nothing definite regarding this recording at this time; maybe later in the year I can start to get something moving with this. - There are quite a few unrecorded songs, so no matter what the material will be genuine Hideous material.


Goblin 'bootleg' cover courtesy Sam Biles

Taking this penchant for the quirky and odd, in all forms, Sam then combined forces with Gary to form the ultra-heavy GOBLIN which is almost the ruder, cruder, bastard step-brother of Hideous. Throw in mutual PAINEATER worship and you might get an inkling of what the hell is being created here. The musical expression is something pretty much impossible to really use words to convey - so we merely urge you to chase this release down and buy it while there are still copies floating around.

'Sewn Together, Torn Apart' courtesy Sam Biles

Strap the guitar back on Gary! photo courtesy Sam Biles

One of the ultra-rare GOBLIN group photos (Gary on Left - Sam on Right) courtesy Sam Biles

Yet again Ecocentric answered the call, and you will do well to follow this link:


In the rehearsal stage now is relatively new Biles concocted EXECUTION STYLE, which may be on hiatus for considerable time due to one of the other members becoming a father (and any of you that share this new station in life understand it's never the same again, so bands and other creative outlets struggle even harder to be expressed).

Yeah, so you STILL wanna go to Swiss Miss with this kind of clientel lurking around?
Photo courtesy Sam Biles, during the GOBLIN era, here sighted and captured on celluloid in Alameda California

Only time will tell what eventuates with this band, and for now we have only what is on offer through Ecocentric to draw on. So please do investigate that label, and all the urls we've listed below, to get a full ghastly picture of what GT considers some of the unsung heroes of the old pioneering era.

Right out of left field and straight out of the what we are labelled today: the OLD FUCKING SCHOOL!
Sam and friends some of which constitute EXECUTION STYLE:
Mike Pellegrini (ES bass) - Sam Biles (ES vokills) - Steve Eggs (friend) - Tim Mohr (friend)
Taken when ES played NJDF as 'Mutated' - the HM tribute band.

GT thanks again heartily, Sam Biles, for adding his own brand of candor to our family photo album: Glorious Times.

We'll end this here by quoting Sam himself:

"Well, the book came out great! I really am honored to be a part of this archive of possibly the best period in musical history; it is a very nice presentation, and I think it will be cherished not only by those in it, but all who get a chance to see it; because it really captures that era in a very cool way..."

The culprit with GT!!!


This is updated the most on all things Hideous

and third time's a charm....


Monday, March 8, 2010


Adelaide, the Capital city of the state of South Australia. Not one to leave much of a mark at all with extreme music huh? Well, you are right there - except for the budding HC punk scene which back in the glory days well and truly held it's own in Australian standards. NOT overshadowed (as the Adelaide metal scene was most certainly) by either the Melbourne or Sydney ones, the Adelaide punkHC bands such as WTP? The Bearded Clams, Toxic Avengers etc each delivered a different facet of what was happening in other world scenes.

Massively well attended for such a quiet city, this free show attracted not just punk and HC fans, but anyone into live music, a history making show. pic: Alan Moses

Also featuring Massappeal on Disc 2 with the classic track 'Elitist Shit', WTP? were showcased with the crowd favourite 'Jesus Gets Rich' on Disc 1.

Toxic Avengers, perhaps the only photo of these guys on the internet? February 11th 1989, Adelaide, South Australia. pic: Alan Moses

A slew of killer bands were playing small local shows during the 1980's and into the dawn of 1990, and at the head of the pack as far as Adelaide band international recognition goes, where an odd band of beer worshipping fun lovers calling themselves WHERE'S THE POPE? Playing very frequently, nights out with Where's The Pope? were saving graces for an otherwise dull existence in Adelaide, having to live vicariously though tape trading and everything that goes with it.

EP 1987 'Straight-Edge Holocaust'

LP 1989 'Sunday Afternoon BBQ's'

The Old Lion Hotel, a shit hole indeed, but host to WTP? on  many nights. Here in 1988 with the frenzied weenies that followed them to every show - that's Franks' ass by the way, as escapes being torn to bits by hungry fans. Interesting side note is that this same shit hole played host to Morbid Angel on their first Australian tour, and only Adelaide date to be scheduled for that debut visit. pic: Alan Moses

Former Lawn Bowls groundskeeper and one man pub ceiling demolitions expert Frank Papagallo has been courteous enough, remembering the old times, to take part in Glorious Times - and making some statements regarding the whole experience to go along with photographs that have never been seen anywhere before (well, with the exception of BUTTFACE #2 1989). GT really has nothing to do with an 'oldschool revival' as some have accused it as being, it's just about fond memory, as these images attest to. If anyone knows the whereabouts of a guy called Eric, in 1989 he was living in Arizona and associated with Hippycore, see pic below, and please get in touch!

Light Square free gig, Adelaide, South Australia, February 26 1989, Frank sharing a croon with Arizona high school exchange student (and Hippycore ambassador) Eric (awol - if whereabouts known, please email us). pic: Alan Moses

Buttface 'zine #2 1989 - main photo page in the WTP? interview. courtesy Alan Moses

The insert of WTP?'s debut 1989 full length album 'Sunday Afternoon BBQ's' features a small selection of some of the photos, but never have they been seen in the full rich colour presented in GT. These inserts have been photographed and are available with 320kbps rips of the original vinyl, exclusively thru the password free mediafire link provided! Frank has given permission for these original and out of print vinyl releases to be made available to our GT family, friends and supporters.

The Guilty Parties - LONG out of print. pic: Alan Moses


Scores of their records were traded in those old days, even by just two people (the editors of BUTTFACE 'zine from Adelaide), just as we did with WTP?'s counterparts in Sydney Massappeal. These vinyl releases were sought after not just by punkHC fans but metal oriented fans too, back in a time when scenes were bridged and it was 'ok' to be into all the styles - rather than the closed scene revolving door bermuda triangle that the scenes were before, and for the most part, are again today.

Lawn Bowls - the key to a cut physique! Frank having a spastic fit at, yes, The Old Lion Hotel February 4 1989. pic: Alan Moses

Short run WTP? t-shirts were made by a local rock music record store, this one was lost to antiquity. pic: Stuart Maitland (Buttface co-editor)

Frank does have an official WTP? myspace up and running, but it's not updated often at all, so what you'll see there is mostly what we call more 'modern' era photos (ie 1990 and beyond) but still worth visiting to round out the experience! Who knows? One day we might just be able to make the live gigs we have in storage digital and share those down the road - something that would be extremely rare to hear indeed, along with the latter out of print material which we have yet to even hear ourselves.

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In kinship with Lori Bravo, and the LORI BRAVO RAPED MYSPACE, we are proud to offer our visitors who can enjoy music from outside the box a special free download.

Lori had decided to make this 2009 EP available to everyone, so mirroring her attitude, GLORIOUS TIMES is proud to do it's part to further the infectious contagion.

Lori Bravo - Pioneering The Warped - Murdered By Self

The zip folder download is password free, contains all labelled songs, cover artwork and an assortment of promotional photographs - all endorsed and made available to YOU by Lori herself. Taking darkness to a level of personal attrition like never before - we'd say 'be prepared' but there is no way TO prepare!

We are exceptionally proud to be able to bring this material to a wider audience, especially as some folks shy away from the 'social networking' sites of myspace or facebook. In any event, here is the official LORI BRAVO RAPED myspace url:

Here's what Lori had to say about GT when she got her copy:

"The book is absolutely marvelous! I was so excited when it came that I literally shoved it under the tree and didn't open it for almost three days! My heart was pounding so hard.....and I was overcome with such levity when I did! I am so fucking proud of you two....everyone who worked on it,actually. The Nuclear Death layout is so bad-assed man...."

Lori Bravo (Nuclear Death/Lori Bravo Raped)

Stay tuned, there's more to come in the following days, weeks and months - for now you know what to do!