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Suffocation at A Day of Death 1990 (photo - Ed Farshtey)

The death metal scene had continually grown in numbers during the 1980's.  Florida had become known as the death metal capital by 1989, but those of us in the northeast knew the scene in NY State was just as strong if not stronger. New York had acts like Cannibal Corpse, Baphomet, Immolation, Mortician, Apparition (who would later become Sorrow) and many more. While the scene in Florida was really limited to Florida, the scene in NY reached beyond the boundaries of the state. In the northeast there were strong connections between bands and 'zine editors from Buffalo to Pittsburgh to NYC to NJ to Philadelphia.  It was not uncommon for a band in the northeast to release a demo in their home city and have it spread throughout the northeast in mere days....and remember this was the time before downloads, before the internet, when word of mouth and personal communication ruled the scene.

Suffocation at A Day of Death 1990 (photo - Ed Farshtey)

In 1990, Sean Panek (Psychoslaughter 'zine from Pittsburgh) was touting a new demo by a band from Long Island that he was sending me. The band played this fast technical style of death metal and the vocalist had a slightly unique sound which was catching the ear of many 'zine editors. The demo was "Reincremation" by Long Island's Suffocation. Suffocation's popularity quickly spread beyond the northeast as the 'zine editors and tape traders of the northeast pushed the demo on our fellow underground fanatics throughout the world much the same way that a label A&R rep would push a newly signed band.

Goreaphobia at A Day of Death Oct 20 1990 (photo - Ed Farshtey)

The peak of the early death metal scene can be pinpointed to an exact date, location and event. Oct. 20, 1990 The Skyroom in Buffalo, NY and the event was A Day of Death. The event had a couple of bigger bands - Autopsy, Repulsion and Disharmonic Orchestra, but largely it consisted of demo or newly signed bands - Cannibal Corpse, Baphomet, Immolation, Mortician, Lucifer's Hammer, Radiation Sickness, Deceased, Incantation (who were scheduled to appear, but made a surprise appearance), Suffocation and Goreaphobia. People from as far away as France and Australia made it to Buffalo for the show...again, remember this is pre-internet so word of the show was spread by flyers and word of mouth alone. A Day of Death was a huge success and in the eyes of many still stands as the benchmark to which all other fests are compared.

Goreaphobia at A Day of Death 1990 (photo - Ed Farshtey)

The strong connections in the northeast led to strong friendships and it was inevitable that bands, 'zine editors and promoters from various regions would begin to work together. Brian Pattison (Chainsaw Abortions 'zine from Buffalo) and Ed Farshtey (Book of Armageddon 'zine from NYC) began to plan a show together shortly after A Day of Death. Both of us being big supporters of the underground scene it was a no brainer for us to want completely underground bands. Our proposed lineup came together fairly quickly as we both liked many of the same bands....Deceased, Abominog, Suffocation, Maelstrom, Nokturnel, Beyond Death, Morpheus (who would later become Morpheus Descends), Goreaphobia and Apparition (who by the time of the show had signed to Roadrunner Records and changed their name to Sorrow). The date was Sunday December 16, 1990.

It is now 21 years later and almost to the day it is with pleasure that Glorious Times (in association with Club Infinity) is able to bring both Suffocation and Goreaphobia back to Buffalo on Sunday December 18, 2011. It is surreal to look back and know that these 2 bands that we booked on the strengths of their demo's in 1990 have continued on and become legends, titans within the death metal scene.

If you're in the northeast this December be sure to make your way to Club Infinity on December 18 to witness what will surely be an unforgettable show by two old school stalwarts.


The show has been moved to January 8th 2012, and EMBALMER takes the place of GOREAPHOBIA.

GOREAPHOBIA will still be playing the original December 18th date, but the full band line up is TBA.


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